Prune Nourry in her studio, NY Image © Malcolm Brown

Prune NOURRY (b.1985)

Prune Nourry is a NY based multi-disciplinary artist who draws her inspiration from bioethics. Through the humorous medical world she recreates in her performances, artworks and exhibitions, Nourry brings attention to some of the issues arising from our fast growing scientific discoveries.

Spring 1984. Breeding season of species. From about 200 millions of spermatozoa, only a few hundred will
make it through the uterine tube. The spermatozoon X is one of them. The oocyte X is patiently waiting for
natural selection to happen.
Prune Nourry shouted out her first cry in Paris, France on January 30, 1985. Artist in gestation, she studied in
vitro at the Ecole Boulle, specializing in sculpture.

Though sculpture is still a strong part of her work, Nourry now explores mediums such as photography and
film, and attempts to transcend their flatness by creating delicate sculptural pieces the audience can interact
with. Offering an accessible, and participatory art experience to viewers is essential for the artist. Thus, all
artworks stem from an initial public performance.

The Holy River serie is the culmination of a three-year project on gender selection focused on India. Mirroring the Holy Daughters exhibition that took place in 2011 in Paris, the flowing theme of this project is water. The artist's imagination has spurred life-size hybrid sculptures mixing the Indian sacred cow and an adolescent girl that are scattered among photographs on x-ray light-boxes, video projections, and IV bag - reflecting pool installations.

The lithography retraces Nourry’s latest performance in Kolkata, where she collaborated with local male artisans during the Durga festival to recreate her 5 meter high “deity” before immersing it in the Ganges from which it is born.