03 Novembre 2010

An Arty weekend in Milan

By Nicolas Bernheim


Coup de Cœur: Salvador Dalí. Il sogno si avvicina


Salvador Dalì is the subject of the latest exhibition at the Palazzo Reale, Milan’s prominent museum located on the Duomo. The Spanish surreal artist is probably one of the most famous painters of the 20th century, known as much for his superb moustache than for his paintings. The extended amount of painting showed in Milan is quite impressive and displays many pieces that ar not well known by the public, thanks to loan from the Gala-Salvador Dali foundation and the Reina Sofia museum from Madrid. One of the highlights of the exhibition is as well the short movie Dali did for Disney in 1945-476 and that was only finalized and put together in 2003.


Our little extra advice:

We recommend you to visit the show before or after lunch time in order to enjoy some of Milan’s great restaurant located nearby like Obika (on top of Rinascente department store) or the Trussardi Café and Restaurant, located next to the Scala.

Palazzo Reale, Piazza Duomo 12, Milano

Ends : January 30th, 2011

Open every day, Monday only in the afternoon



Gabriele Basilico, Istanbul 05.010


Gabriele Basilico has the honor of the Foundation Stelline which exhibits his photo series on Istanbul.  Basilico is an Italian born photographer. According to Anne Barrault, one of his gallerist, Basilico, who studied architecture in Milan, is a “documentarist”, who investigates industrial and cosmopolitan landscape in a very unique way. He is well known for his work in Beyrouth and his “portraits” of industrial ports. The Stelline is showing here one of his last series of photo. Although differing a lot from the Beyrouth one, those colored pictures are in their own way reflecting the same impressions of emptiness and immensity.  Dated from 2005, the 30 pictures are shown for the first time and are emphasizing the transformation of the Turkish metropolis. Unfortunately, the exhibition is quite small but we can only encourage you to take a look at the film projected in an adjacent room.


Courtesy of the Stelline foundation


Presso Fondazione Stelline

Corso Magenta 61, Milano

Until december 12th, 2010

Closed on Monday


Our little extra advice:

Passing by Corso Magenta, you have actually no choice but to stop at Milan’s most famous “pastisceria”, Marchesi, to enjoy a shot of coffee at the bar and buy a “Panetone” (typical Italian Christmas cake) to bring back home.


Alighiero Boetti, from singular to plural and vice versa


One of Milan’s most renowned galleries is hosting it third solo show tof he one of Italy’s most influential conceptual artist. Also known as Alighiero e Boetti, the artist, originally from Turin, is considered to be a member of the “arte povera” movement. Influenced by artists like Wols, Nicolas De Stael and Lucio Fontana, Boetti’s work could be considered as the continuous exploration of new techniques, new material and new cultures. The artist is receiving the worldwide recognition he disserved and on top of being a regular of the Italian sales of the auction houses, he is enjoying regular shows in prestigious galleries (like early this year at the Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Paris). The 100 Eventi gallery is exhibitiong pieces that are, according to them, less well known as, for example, the “Mappa”. Most pieces are from the 1970’s and from the geometrical and mathematical series of the artist.


Alighiero Boetti, Aelleigiaccaierobiottii, 1971, courtesy of 100 Eventi Gallery


1000 Eventi

Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 3

Until the 20th of November 2010

Closed on Monday


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An Arty weekend in Milan