November 28, 2009

November-December 2009: Giacometti, Medusa et Melancolie near the lake

Some very beautiful works of art from Martin Kippenberger, Alan Michael, Todd Norsten, Albert Oehlen, Davis Rhodes, Sterling Ruby, Jim Shaw, Dan Walsh, Johannes Wohnseifer… to be seen in the astonishing art space from Marc Blondeau.
BFAS, Blondeau Fine Art Services, until December 19th. 5, rue de la Muse, 1205 Genève
Open : from Tuesday to Friday from 2PM to 6 :30 PM and Saturday from 11AM to 5PM.

Giacometti’s dog on the floor and not sitting pedestal is very moving. Tiny sculptures shining in their plexiglas boxes which highlight them, giving a dimension of eternity.
This exhibition underlines the development of the art market in the Netherlands during the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. It shows the appeal of the Dutch painting from the Golden century for the art collectors from Geneva.

Under the leadership of energetic managing director Christian Bernard, the museum dynamism contracts with the stillness of the lake... For this Fall exhibition, the Mamco shows on the 4th floor around 30 paintings from Erik Bulatov. His style resonates with early Russian avant-gardists. The museum assembles for the very first time a significant part of the Swiss Alain Huck’s recent works, large drawings which mark a turning point in his work.

The KLAT group, created in 1997 by 5 students from l'École supérieure d'art visuel de Genève, aims to create exhibitions, murals and des sculptures which generat a reflexion on society and culture mixing types of publics. Within ten years, KLAT became a major player of the Swiss art scene. Their works are always in between alternative world and funny criticism of consumerism and, by extension, the art market.

Exceptional pieces of art from the museum own collectionare shown as a pedagogical tool for entering in the world of African sculptures and masks.
Those objects had been created for religious, medical or magical purposes.

The Barbier-Mueller Collection open 365 days a year. It shows many of its thousands art works from African antiques and sculptures, fabrics, accessories coming from so-called « primitives » civilisations from all over the world.

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November-December 2009: Giacometti, Medusa et Melancolie near the lake