November 29, 2012 15:17

Pictures of France

By Julien Beauhaire (Translated by Lauren Hasty)

Photography in France from 1950 to 2000
An exposition of images of France ranging over half a century portraying the progression of French photography over the past fifty years, is currently on display at The European Maison de la Photographie. This challenge, taken up by Gilles Mora and Alain Sayag, takes us on a journey from Izis (1950), to the cheeky smile of Dany le Rouge by Caron (1968) to Tosani’s masks (1998), and onto the iconography of Pierre et Gilles (Saint Francis of Assisi, 1988).
This fascinating historiography of popular photography, has, according to Pierre Bourdieu allowed these photographs to bear witness to an ever-evolving France.
Bernard Plossu, Mexican Travels, 1966 © Bernard Plossu Collection MEP

Patrick Tosani, Mask n°4, 1998 © Patrick Tosani  Adagp. Collection MEP
At The European Maison de la Photography until January 13th, 2013

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