November 18, 2009 16:53

Performance by Fabien Breuvart on the evening of the Paris Phato 09 private showing… or photographic “raw art” !

by Tatyana FRANCK

Placed between rue Charlot (35/37) and the marché des Enfants Rouges, Fabien Breuvart is a “neighborhood” photographer who decided to display photographs of simple and anonymous people to the seasoned Paris collectors. At Paris Photo. After collecting thousands of vintage pictures as well as family photos which at times dated from as early as the beginning of the 20th century, he offered them the fair visitors, for free.

The evening of the Paris Photo private showing, before dumbstruck collectors, he came in with a team carrying around ten plastic trash bags of photos of various anonymous people which he emptied out in the entryway floor of the exhibition. What a sight to see dozens of amateurs on their knees with their eyes wide open peering down onto thousands of photos of varying themes and quality.

A handsome idealistic gesture for those ‘who photography is a social, and collective activity, the trace of love…’

Paris Photo 2009 performance Fabien Breuvart
envoyé par FabienBreuvart. - Films courts et animations.

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