November 24, 2009

The story of a title …

CA Paris 14th ch. October 14 , 2008

Paul Lederman, Coluche’s former agent, owner today of the rights to his sketches, sued the film company producing the biopic directed by Antoine de Caunes in 2008, considering that his sub-title “the story of a guy,” or “l’histoire d’un mec” claiming that it infringed Coluche’s well known and popular sketch : “the story of a guy on the pont d’Alma” or “l’histoire d’un mec sur le pont de l’Alma”, or in the very least constituting a claim for unfair competition.

The appellate judges, without actually addressing the title’s originality, dismissed the plaintiff’s claim having not found any infringement or any risk of confusion between the sketch’s title and that of the film.

In light of this, it should be remembered that the title of a work, when it is an original creation is protected under the same “title” as the content that identifies it.

Jessica Giraud

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